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Picture this - you hired a pest control Aspendale Company with years of experience, dedication, and integrity. They inspect the issue, discuss it with you, and offer a detailed prevention plan after pest extermination. Now, you feel relaxed and safe knowing that no bug is lurking under your floor or hiding inside the cracks. Does this sound hassle-free? If yes, you can experience it for real by hiring Same Day Pest Control.

We are the best at what we do. No bug infestation can stand our training, certifications, knowledge, advanced tools, and expertise. We are passionate about eliminating and preventing bugs, so you don't have to suffer anymore. Whether it's an ant trail, a possum in your backyard, or cockroaches hiding under the kitchen top - we can eliminate and prevent them with strategic planning and customized solutions. Connect with us today to learn more about our pest management in Aspendale.


Your Aspendale Neighbours Choose Us; You Can Too!

We are known for top-rated pest control in Aspendale Gardens and appreciated by thousands of families and business owners in Aspendale. These people chose us and never turned back because we never failed them. We take pride in making people's places hygienic and pest-free. What's more? Our quality assurance policy helps us implement high efficiency and safety.

We strive for customer satisfaction and relief from hazardous bugs. Their smile makes us work harder. There is nothing like knowing that someone feels secure in their home because of you, and we do everything to make you feel that way!

So, let us take care of those tiny bugs at your place while you relax or carry on your chores. We are here to kick those pests out! Contact us now for the most reliable pest control services in Aspendale.

What Can We Do?

We strive to offer the safest and most reliable pest control services in every corner of Aspendale.

Residential Pest Control

  • Instant Response

    We work 24/7, so you can rely on us even at midnight. We are just a call away!

  • Pet and Family-Friendly Treatments

    All our treatments are safe for your furry friends and kids. We have innovated solutions that harm only bugs.

  • 100% Protection

    We strive to offer complete protection with efficient treatments and long-lasting prevention plans.

Commercial Pest Control

  • Pest Control for All Commercial Places

    Whether it's a hospital, educational institution, or restaurant, you can count on us for efficient pest control in Aspendale.

  • Integrated Pest Management Aspendale

    We eliminate and prevent bugs at your commercial place to avoid an unhygienic workplace.

  • Flexible Timings For Your Convenience

    You don't have to compromise your working hours to conduct a pest control service. We can work according to your schedule.

Our Pest Control Services Includes


Ant Control

Are you dealing with ant invasions in your home? Australian homes often face challenges from the Argentine ant, forming bustling colonies. Our ant control services use eco-friendly solutions, ensuring your space stays a haven without unwanted six-legged guests.


Cockroach Control

Your home or workplace may play host to German cockroaches, the unwelcome guests that can spread diseases. Our pest control services in Aspendale can bring in a mix of baits, traps, and safe insecticides, ensuring your home stays cockroach-free. Good sanitation practices are your allies for a bug-free lifestyle.


Bedbugs Control

Do you travel a lot? Bed bugs might hitch a ride and come to your bed. Our pest control services experts employ heat treatments and thorough inspections, making sure these tiny hitchhikers don’t ruin your sleep sanctuary.


Possum Control

Possums may be cute, but having them as roommates isn’t ideal. Our ethical pest control services focus on a humane relocation approach, ensuring your Aussie lifestyle coexists harmoniously with the native wildlife.


Borer Control

Wood-loving insects can be a hassle. Our most reliable pest control services identify and treat infested areas, using lifestyle-friendly insecticides to protect your timber treasures. Regular checks ensure your wooden belongings stay as good as new.


Rodent Control

Rats and mice, the uninvited party crashers of city and country living. Pest control services use a mix of baits, traps, and home sealing to keep these critters out. A pest-free home means less worry about property damage and more peace of mind.


Flea Control

Furry friends sometimes bring tiny tagalongs. Pest control services use pet-friendly treatments, ensuring your home stays flea-free. Regular care for your pets means a comfortable, itch-free coexistence.


Silverfish Control

Silverfish love damp spots, but your home doesn’t have to be their resort. Our pest control experts identify and eliminate moisture sources, using insecticides to keep your space free from these shimmering nuisances.


Spider Control

Australia boasts some of the world's spookiest spiders. Detailed pest control ensures your home isn't their hunting ground, using insecticides and web removal. Living a laid-back Aussie lifestyle is easier without unexpected arachnid encounters.


Dead Animal Removal

Unpleasant surprises from deceased wildlife? Pest control services handle swift and discreet removal, so you can enjoy your space without unwanted odors or the risk of other pests dropping by.


Moth Control

Moths have a knack for ruining stored goods. Pest control services help you reclaim your wardrobe and pantry, identifying breeding areas and suggesting lifestyle-friendly storage practices to keep moths at bay.


Bird Removal and Proofing

Are birds on your property causing a mess? Pest control services take a humane approach, removing and implementing proofing measures to keep your lifestyle undisturbed by feathered nuisances.


Wasp Control

Summers can bring aggressive wasps. Pest control services find and remove nests, ensuring your outdoor gatherings stay sting-free. Wasp control is the key to enjoying the sunshine without worrying about unwelcome winged visitors.


How to Book Us?


Call us and let us know what's bothering you.


Get a Free Quote and Schedule an Inspection


Consider Your Pest Problem Solved

Family-owned, Local Pest Control Experts

Let Our Family Take Care of Yours

We are proud to be a local and family-owned pest control company in Aspendale. We protect your home like it's our own. We have been through what you are dealing with now and have found permanent solutions to these bug issues with years of practice, innovation, and science. With us, you don't have to worry about these bugs anymore.

Our dedication to making your home or workplace pest-free is what makes us provide the top-rated pest Control in Aspendale Gardens. Our primary goal is to provide safe and quick pest control Aspendale solutions. With local pest controllers and their expertise in identifying and treating various local bugs, we ensure 100% client satisfaction and pest removal. Connect with us today to experience a pest control service like never before.

Prevention Plan That Never Fails

You might wonder how to keep bugs away forever. Well, we have crafted prevention solutions to minimize the return of those annoying pests. However, you have to follow the rules, keep your place clean, and take care of a few things to keep them at bay.

We seal your property's every crack and hole after the treatment, use prevention techniques, and educate you on different ways to protect your place in our absence. You should never have to call us for that same pest after that treatment because your 100% satisfaction and safety are what we want. Connect with us to learn more about our pest management in Aspendale.

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Pests Are Emergencies!!!

Yes, you read that right. You can't have pests at your home or workplace and ignore their existence. These hazardous creatures can make your place a mess and cause health issues. Therefore, it's always better to deal with them immediately. How? Call us for emergency and same-day pest control in Aspendale.

Why should you consider our emergency pest control services?

Are you wondering which pest issue is immediate and which can wait? Well, nothing can wait if there are pests living with you. So, every infestation is an emergency. However, here are the cases where you should connect with us without any delay:

You don't need a reason to contact a pest control service and let us do our job of protecting you from them. So, contact us today and get the best pest control services in Aspendale.

Why Choose Us?

  • 24/7 Availability
  • Certified and Trained Local Pest Controllers
  • Top-rated Pest Control in Aspendale Gardens
  • Affordable Pest Control Services in Aspendale
  • Award-Winning Pest Control Company
  • Green and Safe Solutions
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
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Say Goodbye to Bugs Forever! Call Us now

Do you still feel like calling us? Even if not, give us a chance to show you how hassle-free, safe, and instant a pest control service can be. Our local pest controllers understand your needs and do everything to safeguard your place. Talk to our team today, and they will discuss the issue over the phone. If you feel they are trustworthy, sign up for our affordable inspection or treatment plans and see the results yourself. Hurry up!